About me : Sensitive & Sensible

Hi everyone , I am Khavya, yes Kavya with a h 🙂 I keep correcting my spelling to everyone. I am a sensitive and yet sensible girl, here are 10 reasons why so –

  1. People say that I am sensitive because I react very fast to people
  2. Sometimes, I start crying for no reason and I also cry when people talk bad about me
  3. I most of the time talk meaningfully so people call me sensible
  4. I also become angry easily so that might also be a reason why people call me sensitive.
  5. I react very badly for simple things
  6. People can make me laugh very much
  7. Sometimes if I become angry, I damage everything in my house
  8. I react like a baby
  9. My age is 10 but my behaviour is as if I am 15 years old

So  these are some reasons why people call me sensitive and sensible. Am I interesting and special brilliant girl ? 🙂 Wait for my next blog on “The best day in my life”


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