Hi! everyone. Today I am going to ask some question to my blogging aunty. She is very funny .She is a happy and a satisfied person. What I like about her is that her character is very interesting.

There are the 10 questions and her answers.

  • Where are you from?
  • Trichy.. namma orru

  • What is your hobby?
  • dancing, blogging, talking, troubling my kids 😀

  • What is aim in life?
  • To live happy and to let others live happy. Find happiness in everyday of life

  • Why did you come to Bangalore?
  • I think to meet and learn lots of interesting things from kids like you 🙂

  • Why have you started blogging classes?
  • Because I love to enable kids to express their brilliant thoughts and positive ideas through writing

  • Why do you have interest in bogging?
  • Freedom of expressing my thoughts. I enjoy sharing my opinions and I feel happy when readers appreciate

  • Why do you think it is good if others learn blogging?
  • Everyone has to communicate their ideas and intentions in one form, talking , writing, painting, drawing etc. Blogging is one such art under writing.

  • Do you feel happy in teaching something to others?
  • Ofcourse, each time I teach, I also learn from my little children. From you, I have learnt how to be sensible, how to think truly and express straight forward from your heart. Am I right ? 😉

So readers, did you read my first interview blog ? I am sure my blogging mam is very interesting person.



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